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Thinking about getting performance car insurance? Buying a car is always a responsible move. You pay attention to the engine, to the options and you need to think about the future needs (like an extended family). Performance cars are a completely different story and they need a special type of car insurance. They are powerful, packed with options and will give you the thrills you have been missing your entire life.

Is it expensive?

Performance cars can serve as either your main car or second car to have on the weekends. Regardless the situation, drivers of high performance cars are frequently penalized by car insurance companies because of the alleged higher risk associated with high performance power cars. Here, at Ucompare, we understand that people who buy high performance cars are very likely to take special care of their cars. You will find the high quality performance car insurance policies at fantastic prices.

What is a performance car?

When it comes to performance cars, the sky is the limit. While some performance cars come with turbo options, fuel-injected engines or avant-garde car bodies straight from the manufacturer, you would be surprised to find out that regular modified cars can also be considered performance cars. Anything that adds power or doesn’t match the original manufacturer’s safety standards will be considered a risk factor for car insurance companies.

What kind of cover do I need?

Insuring a performance car can be an expensive affair. High performance cars are specifically built for speed and will attract a higher insurance premium. The price of the performance car insurance is influenced by several factors:

  1. Cost and nature of repairs;
  2. Type of engine;
  3. Car modifications;
  4. Security features;
  5. Storage of the high performance car.

If you are not sure about what type of insurance is perfect for your high performance car, Ucompare can help.

How do I find the best insurance?

With Ucompare, you can compare car insurance quotes from various insurance providers with an ease. We work with the most reputable and leading insurance companies in Ireland to provide you the best car insurance quotes. In order to find affordable car insurance on your high performance cars, you need to contribute a bit yourself by: adding security features, maintaining a clean driving record and by limiting the annual mileage. Make sure you are fully insured before taming “the beast” on the road!