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Good things are better with age, and driving doesn’t make an exception. As mature drivers, insurance companies will recognize your experience over the years. Therefore, over 50’s car insurance often features discounts for no claims. However, the car insurance prices for the over 50’s are still not the cheapest on the market.

What to know

Ucompare is one of the leading car insurance sources for over 50s. Regardless if you have several decades’ experience as a driver or you managed to build up a good no claim bonus, it’s important to make the most of. The relatively high price of premiums for over 50’s is linked to the type of car you own. After a lifetime of work, you are more open to invest in more expensive cars. Expensive cars attract more risks, such as theft or vandalism. This is why the benefits of age and experience may be cancelled by owing a new, expensive car. Ucompare offers a large range of insurance providers so you can compare the best quotes and shop for convenient car insurance for over 50s.

How can I get cheap over 50s car insurance?

The odds are to your advantage as long as you don’t drive an expensive car. However, if that is the case, there are ways to find less expensive over 50s car insurance in Ireland. Ucompare is here to deliver an easy-to-compare service of the top over 50’s car insurance options. Lowering premiums for over 50’s is possible if you:

  1. Add security options to the car;
  2. Reduce annual mileage;
  3. Add a named driver to the car policy (maybe your spouse or a member of the family);
  4. Store the car in a garage, and not in the street.

Purchase Methods

Purchasing car insurance for over 50’s is no different than purchasing any other insurance. Ucompare recommends you to purchase the level of coverage that matches your needs and specific car. Don’t overspend if you have an old car; this is extra money right back into your pocket. Finally, if you can afford to pay the annual premium upfront, go for it. You will save the interest charges and you can get a nice presents for your grandchildren.

The Final Step

Working with a reliable car insurance source like Ucompare is priceless. Take your time to shop around and enjoy the advantages of having all the offers in one place.