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4x4 are the equivalent of power in the automotive world. Study, big, robust and powerful, 4x4 cars can take you anywhere you want, especially off-road. The rush of adrenaline comes with a price – forking out for road tax and fuel (especially with rising prices of fuel prices) affects the drivers’ budgets quite hard. Moreover, 4x4 car insurance premiums are more expensive than insurance for a family car.

First Things First

Getting a 4x4 car is an assumed choice for drivers all over Ireland. They are well aware of the costs associated with owning a 4x4 car: fuel consumption. The price of spare parts, repairs and even the initial purchase price are generally higher than the ones of a smaller vehicle. On top of that, 4x4 cars can cause significant damages to regular vehicles in case of accident. Obviously, the car insurance premiums for 4x4 cars will also be more expensive. Fortunately, Ucompare can present you with the best 4x4 car insurance quotes in Ireland. Take a few moments to check the options if you want to save some money (at least in this case).

What cover do I need?

Searching for the right 4x4 insurance is simple and time-effective if you use Ucompare. We are dedicated to providing the most complete source of car insurance quotes for 4x4 vehicles in Ireland. You can choose from third party insurance, Third party fire and theft insurance for 4X4 vehicles or opt for a Fully comprehensive insurance that will get you covered even if you damage the car during an off-road adventure.

How can I keep the cost down?

We understand: no one can control the fuel prices or the situations that can occur while driving a 4x4. The good news is you can control the premiums price by making smart decisions. Here are some things you can do to keep down the price of your 4x4 insurance:

  1. Reduced annual mileage;
  2. Enhanced car security;
  3. Upfront insurance payments.

First of all, take time to find the best insurance for 4x4 vehicles. Ucompare has everything you need: the best Ireland insurance companies, comparison tools for quotes and clear information about the available premiums.

We'll take it from here

In order to have more time for your off-road activities, Ucompare can undertake the time-consuming task of searching and comparing existing insurance premiums in Ireland. All you have to do is ask for a quote; we will take it from here so you can enjoy affordable 4x4 insurance.