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A Few Quick Tips on How to Save Money on your car hire excess insurance Policy

Tip Number One

How often are you likely to use the policy? – If you have always had an annual policy but you have only been away on one trip in the last two years, ask yourself, do I really need this cover or would a daily policy be sufficient.

Tip Number Two

Where am I travelling to? – Worldwide policies especially those covering the US and Canada tend to be more expensive than a policy that just covers Europe. If you travelled to the US last year but you are unlikely to get any further than Europe this year, downgrade the cover & notice the savings you will make.

Tip Number Three

Who is travelling with me? Most policies will extend to cover a number of additional drivers at no additional cost. There is however a ‘Family Option’ available at an additional cost, which allows other members of your family to rent cars independently of you. Remember to only tick this option if you really need it as it can really bump up your premium.

Tip Number Four

Some policies offer additional benefits such as carjacking and road rage which basically mean that your medical bills will be covered up to a set amount if you suffer a physical injury following an incident of car Jacking or Road Rage. While these can be useful benefits, they may not be entirely necessary if you have a Travel insurance policy covering the same type of incidents.